Journal of Social Sciences

Aims and Scope

The Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) is an esteemed international, peer-reviewed publication that focuses on a wide range of scientific disciplines and academic research areas dedicated to the study of social groups and human society. Our mission is to provide a platform for scholars, researchers, and practitioners to share innovative and impactful research findings, theoretical contributions, and practical insights that can inform and shape public policy, social welfare, and human development.

Research ArticleOpen Access
Elsir Ali Saad Mohamed, Murtada Elbashir Osman and Badur Algasim Mohamed
Journal of Social Sciences 2024, 12-16
Published: 22 April 2024
Research ArticleOpen Access
Lucy Baehren and Susana Carvalho
Journal of Social Sciences 2024, 1-11
Published: 21 March 2024
Research ArticleOpen Access
Tlholohelo Mojakisane, Brivery Siamabele, Matildah Kaliba and Rudo Phiri Mumba
Journal of Social Sciences 2023, 96-105
Published: 19 January 2024
Review ArticleOpen Access
Nimish Vasoya and Rajesh Vansdadiya
Journal of Social Sciences 2023, 92-95
Published: 25 October 2023
Research ArticleOpen Access
Gunnar BĖšardsen, Snorre Lindset and Peter Resch
Journal of Social Sciences 2023, 82-91
Published: 24 August 2023