SGAMR Young Researcher Award

The SGAMR Editorial Board is pleased to announce the inauguration of the yearly “SGAMR Young Researcher Award” (SGAMR-YRA).


Students, Ph.D. candidates or young researchers (with maximum 8 years from their Ph.D. degree). They must be first authors of one Research Article, or Review Article, that after peer-review is published online between January and December of every year (as a Regular or Special Issue submission). There are no limits to the total number of authors. At the time of first submission, the eligible first author should be under 35 years old.


The best paper will be selected by a journal committee, from the Editorial Board. Special attention will be given to the originality and novelty of the paper content, and where possible, to its immediate impact (citations, downloads, visualizations). All the published papers are automatically included in the list of papers to evaluate.

Given that the journal covers all the aspects of theoretical and practical research of materials science for engineering applications (including structural glass as well as hybrid systems, fiber-reinforced pultruded composites, laminates, adhesives, polymers, shape memory alloys, metals, and then timber, concrete, masonry and other relevant engineering / architectural materials and applications), there are no restrictions on the topic of granted papers. Similarly, there are no restrictions on the structure / content of granted papers, that can include experimental findings, design considerations, modelling proposals and solutions, case-study projects, etc.

How to apply

At the time of the first submission (Research Article or Review Article), the first author must present - with the other mandatory documents - a cover letter in which the “young researcher” position is declared and demonstrated.

For the online submission of eligible papers, all the manuscripts should be prepared according to the “Instructions for Authors”. The Paper Template (in Microsoft Word or LaTeX) can be found here:


The “SGAMR Best Paper Award” includes:

  • a certificate
  • two years of free-of-charge publication in SGAMR (peer-reviewed Research Articles or Review Articles)

The winner will be announced every January, on the journal website.