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Building Probability Functions by Persian Curve

Abdolrasoul Ranjbaran1, Mohammad Ranjbaran2 and Fatema Ranjbaran1
  • 1 Shiraz University, Iran
  • 2 Parsian Azad University, Iran


Construction of a probability function for a given random data is the main theme of several branches of human knowledge, where it is an active area of study. In spite of great developments, the solution needs extensive effort and the results contain epistemic uncertainty. In this study, making use of the logical reasoning and concise mathematical logics, a method called the change of state philosophy, which is digested in the Persian curves, is derived. The Persian curves that have the necessary and sufficient condition for a probability function, are explicitly derived, via the ordinates of four specific points on the random data. The proposed Persian curves are free of epistemic uncertainty and their flexibility provide the possibility for the insertion of the expert’s will. The work is validated via concise logical formulation and comparison of the results with those of the others.

International Journal of Structural Glass and Advanced Materials Research
Volume 4 No. 1, 2020, 225-232


Submitted On: 30 August 2020 Published On: 31 October 2020

How to Cite: Ranjbaran, A., Ranjbaran, M. & Ranjbaran, F. (2020). Building Probability Functions by Persian Curve. International Journal of Structural Glass and Advanced Materials Research, 4(1), 225-232.

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  • The Change of State Philosophy
  • Persian Curves
  • Probability
  • Phenomenon Functions
  • State Functions
  • State Variable