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Design and Construction of a Smart Meter with Embedded Web Portal

David Mike-Ewewie1, Ayodele Ifijeh1, Victoria Oguntosin1 and Emmanuel Adetiba1,2,3
  • 1 Department of Electrical and Information Engineering, Covenant University, Ota, Nigeria
  • 2 Covenant Applied Informatics and Communication Africa Center of Excellence, Covenant University, Ota, Nigeria
  • 3 HRA, Institute for Systems Science, Durban University of Technology, Durban, South Africa


The absence of the necessary infrastructure to make an accurate and precise collection of data when compared to the first-world countries in the power industry is great. Due to that, the need for the deployment of smart meters has increased in order to offer consumers and customers awareness of their electricity usage, helping them lower their total energy footprint. In this study, real-time low-cost energy management is designed and developed with an embedded web server integration. Using both real and reactive power data obtained from the smart energy system, the power quality can be made better for people taking their power straight from the grid. The work drives building a smart metering solution that helps in the process of monitoring. This smart metering solution involves connecting a load displacement sensor, which is an example of a smart sensor, to a web server, which tracks power consumption. It is mainly utilized for managing the overall power plant and measuring the major power system quantities. Data compression is employed for measurements of power quality and for speeding up the process of data loss prevention. When excess electricity usage occurs, the electrical energy is disconnected from the grid. Future residences will be designed to provide a high degree of interconnectivity and scalability. We demonstrate that by utilizing the foundational ideas of modern Web architecture, we can quickly and simply construct reliable, versatile smart Meter applications with few drawbacks.

Journal of Computer Science
Volume 20 No. 8, 2024, 909-917


Submitted On: 21 August 2022 Published On: 14 June 2024

How to Cite: Mike-Ewewie, D., Ifijeh, A., Oguntosin, V. & Adetiba, E. (2024). Design and Construction of a Smart Meter with Embedded Web Portal. Journal of Computer Science, 20(8), 909-917.

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  • Electrical Energy
  • Embedded Web Portal
  • Smart Meter