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Age and Sequence of Permanent Canine and Premolar Teeth Eruption in 102-174 Months Old Children in Kerman Province

Farokhgissor Elham1 and Shahrzad Adhamy1
  • 1 Kerman University of Medical Science, Iran


Problem statement: The aim of this study was to investigate the eruption time of permanent canine and premolar teeth in 8.5-14.5 years (102-174 months) old boys and girls of Kerman province. Approach: The sample for this cross-sectional study consisted of 2602, 102-174 months old (8.5-14.5 years old) children form 56 primary and guidance schools in Kerman which were scattered over in 2 districts of the city. There were 1556 of girls and 1046 of boys were chosen by simple randomization and the emergence stage of each tooth was recorded. Results: The analysis indicated significantly earlier emergence ages in girls than in boys. The eruption pattern turned out to be symmetric in both sexes and no statically significant difference was detected between the right and left side. The most common observed emergence pattern in girls was mandibular canine and maxillary first premolar followed by mandibular first premolar, maxillary second premolar, then mandibular second premolar and canine and in boys it was maxillary and mandibular first premolar, mandibular canine, maxillary second premolar, mandibular second premolar and maxillary canine Conclusion: Significantly earlier emergence ages in girls seen than in boys. The sequence of eruption differs between girls and boys for mandibular canine and first premolar. It may be concluded that the eruption timing and sequence seen in large sample of children from Kerman revealed that emergence of teeth appeared later than other ethnic group these finding are relevant for dental treatment planning, forensic evaluation and should be reconfirmed at certain interval.

Current Research in Dentistry
Volume 1 No. 1, 2010, 6-10


Submitted On: 13 September 2010 Published On: 30 June 2010

How to Cite: Elham, F. & Adhamy, S. (2010). Age and Sequence of Permanent Canine and Premolar Teeth Eruption in 102-174 Months Old Children in Kerman Province. Current Research in Dentistry, 1(1), 6-10.

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  • Mandibular Canine
  • premolar teeth
  • tooth eruption
  • maxillary counterpart
  • canine emerged
  • Standard Devotion (SD)
  • Confidence Interval (CI)
  • ethnic group