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The Extent of Community Awareness Using Natural Element’s Instead of Using Chemical Drugs

Ilker Etikan1, Ismail Bakır1 and Meliz Yuvalı1
  • 1 Near East University, Cyprus


Alternative medicine it is a medicine that is not taught in traditional medicine. It is based on ancient historical foundations and different experiments in treatment without building it on the basis of scientific teacher. Alternative medicine is used in many peoples, especially non-developed peoples. Alternative medicine is used as primary medicine. The evidence of poor quality and knowledge about the awareness of using the natural drugs instead of using the chemical medication in the hospital. Little is known about the prevalence of natural medication in the Europe, especially in Cyprus. To determine the knowledge, community awareness, and to define the difference treatment practice between natural elements and chemical drugs. To identified the rate of the knowledge that students had and evaluate the results and measure it. Cross-sectional survey were performed by using SPSS and the Pearson Chi-Square test was done to determine the differences perform the questionnaire at near East University in Cyprus. We print our data as questionnaire paper and give it to 562 international students with different backgrounds. A total of 562 questionnaires were administered for this survey and the percentage respondents gender of students was 62.3% in males and 37,3% were females, also The Percentage of Respondents of students choose strongly disagree that were 47% and few of students shown 6.1% Percentage in strongly disagree. Furthermore, student’s percentage of that prefer use of natural elements that were 66.5% cheaper with strongly agree, 21.2% with agree, 2.8% with strongly disagree, and disagree that were 9.5%. Furthermore, students 38.0% Yoga with good scale, 35.2% Herbal with good scale and 34.6% Holy books with excellent scale. (Respectively, p<0.05). Students who students that were in cheaper scale chosen the natural elements treatment 30.8% just for poor, 33.8%. Just for rich and for everyone also shows that interactions between natural elements and chemical drugs that found 50.5% of students, 44.1% and sometimes 43.4%. (Respectively, p<0.05). The doctors can play a crucial role to increase the awareness of clients, Educational continues can be used to highlight the role of increases awareness for students in drug-related problems. The use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) appears to be low in the general student in Near East University.

Current Research in Biostatistics
Volume 7 No. 2, 2017, 30-38


Submitted On: 16 September 2017 Published On: 25 October 2017

How to Cite: Etikan, I., Bakır, I. & Yuvalı, M. (2017). The Extent of Community Awareness Using Natural Element’s Instead of Using Chemical Drugs. Current Research in Biostatistics, 7(2), 30-38.

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