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Glucan Supplementation Regulates Secretory Immunity and Stress

Richter Josef1, Stiborová Ivana1, Král Vlastimil1, Svozil Vladimir2, Vetvicka Vaclav3 and Rajnohová Dobiášová Lucie1
  • 1 Zdravotní Ústav se Sídlem v Ústí nad|Labem, Czech Republic
  • 2 Sanatorium EDEL Zlaté Hory, Czech Republic
  • 3 University Louisville, United States


Sixty-six children were supplemented with beta glucan and dietary nucleotides, another 63 children served as negative control. We evaluated the effects of these supplements on several aspects of secretory immunity such as levels of secretory IgA (SIgA), albumin and SIgA/albumin ratio. In addition, in order to monitor effects of physical challenges and compensatory treatments on stress and reparation of immunity, we measured levels of salivary cortisol. We found significant effects of supplementation with beta glucan on secretory IgA in children with increased physical challenge. To fully explain these findings, we will need to add additional indicators of stress and salivary immunity.

American Journal of Immunology
Volume 13 No. 1, 2017, 81-85


Submitted On: 15 November 2016 Published On: 30 March 2017

How to Cite: Josef, R., Ivana, S., Vlastimil, K., Vladimir, S., Vaclav, V. & Lucie, R. D. (2017). Glucan Supplementation Regulates Secretory Immunity and Stress. American Journal of Immunology, 13(1), 81-85.

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  • Saliva
  • Salivary IgA
  • Cortisol
  • Beta Glucan
  • Dietary Nucleotides