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Groundwater Resources Management in Various Scenarios Using Numerical Model

S. Askari Marnani1, M. Chitsazan1, Y. Mirzaei1 and B. Jahandideh
  • 1 Shahid Chamran University, Iran


Problem statement: Iran is an arid country and only small percent of its water demand is met by rainfall. At present, about 55% of Iran's water being supplied by aquifers and 45% from surface water. Population growth, joint with economic development and rapid growth in industry and farming, has caused a vast increase in demand for water in Iran. But the slow recharging aquifers have not been able to cope with new condition. Approach: In this context, the importance of control and optimum utilization of groundwater has been realized by Iranian and groundwater models because of their high effectiveness and less expenses than other methods have been developed and us end by hydro geologists as a water source management tool. Results: For this purpose, the quantitative model of the groundwater of Firozabad plain, with area of 240 km2, which is located 100 km distant from the southwest of Shiraz, is prepared. MODFLOW, GMS, groundwater modeling system, was used to build a groundwater flow model to simulate the behavior of the flow system under different stresses for one year period (2006-2007) under unsteady condition. First, a conceptual model was set up using simple GIS tools. Conclusion: The numerical model was generated and, transient data from observation wells was used to calibrate the model. Following this, the transient model was validated by using observation data for the period 2007-2008 .Then; the completed MODFLOW model was ready for simulation runs. The results for the various scenarios including predicting the status of water level in next 5 years, drilling new production wells and predicting the status of groundwater under drought conditions was analyzed in Firozabad plain.

Current Research in Geoscience
Volume 1 No. 1, 2010, 21-26


Submitted On: 1 August 2010 Published On: 30 June 2010

How to Cite: Marnani, S. A., Chitsazan, M., Mirzaei, Y. & Jahandideh, B. (2010). Groundwater Resources Management in Various Scenarios Using Numerical Model. Current Research in Geoscience, 1(1), 21-26.

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  • Modeling
  • mathematical model
  • finite differences
  • GMS software
  • MODFLOW 2000
  • calibration