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BioInfoKnowledgeBase: Comprehensive Information Resource for Bioinformatics Tools

Ratna Prabha1, D. P. Singh1 and Anil Rai2
  • 1 Indian Council of Agricultural Research, India
  • 2 ICAR-Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute, India


Bioinformatics is revolutionizing biological sciences and facilitating every area of biology. Right from the start of any biological project, information regarding availability of resources or databases appropriate for the analysis of data repository are becoming essentially required. Biological scientists use to browse across the web for searching tools/softwares and to identify most appropriate one for analysis purpose. Time of any project can be saved and efforts will go in the right direction if the most appropriate analysis tools are selected. With the idea of putting maximally used data resources at a single place, we developed BioInfoKnowledgeBase (BIKB), a comprehensive information resource on softwares and databases applicable for various biological analyses. This database provides information of more than 1000 bioinformatics softwares grouped in six major biological themes and categorized in thirty-one different categories along with information of ~100 biological databases and public repositories. BioInfoKnowledgeBase is online accessible at

Current Research in Bioinformatics
Volume 4 No. 2, 2015, 28-33


Submitted On: 25 February 2015 Published On: 24 August 2015

How to Cite: Prabha, R., Singh, D. P. & Rai, A. (2015). BioInfoKnowledgeBase: Comprehensive Information Resource for Bioinformatics Tools. Current Research in Bioinformatics, 4(2), 28-33.

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